New Britain City Journal Endorses Mayor Stewart for Re-Election

The 2017 vote for Mayor is an easy one. Mayor Erin E. Stewart is the choice to lead New Britain. There are more reasons as to why her leadership is vital than can fit into this endorsement, but we will name as many as we can.

Number one, she not only brought New Britain out of bankruptcy, but has led it to a financial surplus despite not having a State budget for months.

She has not put the City in any debt as some have stated. She has made payments of debt reachable to save the City from certain bankruptcy caused by inept purchasing of bonds from the her predecessor.

She has made many spending cuts, reached agreements with unions and added new revenue to our City. All of these have eased the burden of taxpayers. Without that work, the City would have seen taxes raised to an amount that would have forced many residents to flee. Instead, necessary tax increases were implemented.

Mayor Stewart did not take tax increases with a grain of salt. She dreaded proposing them, but knew there was little choice.

With all that happening, there has still been a new energy in the City. Most of that surrounds Mayor Stewart and her team. She has increased the number of businesses, added life to downtown and helped fix up the City.

Did you see all the events at Central Park? No longer is it a place people are afraid to hang out in. Farmer’s Markets, music and other entertainment keep it hopping. On Tuesday thousands of people went to Central Park for a safe Halloween.

New Britain was even named an All America City two years in a row and has brought back Main Street USA. Yes, the excitement is contagious.

No one has done more for the homeless in our City than Mayor Stewart. In fact, she has eliminated chronic family homelessness. Those who want help, can now get it. More will be done in the next two years to end this issue in our City. The City is on the right track.

Do you want to discuss something with the Mayor? You can ask her question during open office hours straight from you computer. Accessing the Mayor is easier than ever. She believes in open government.

There are so many projects yet to be completed such as Columbus Commons, the Beehive Bridge and a new transit oriented development plan. Residents can not take a step backwards and see no progress in the City. We must continue to move forward.

Lastly, she has truly been bi-partisan. Her team is made up of Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated candidates. She is not about Party, but is for what is best for the City. That is an extremely rare trait for a candidate. We have had enough of Party politics.

The City Journal has never been about Party. Always we have supported people rather than political affiliations. We believe Mayor Stewart fits the qualities we support.

Two years ago we endorsed Mayor Stewart for many of the same reasons we are endorsing her here today. She has done nothing for us to change our minds.

She truly has made New Britain a better place to live. We encourage residents to once again support Mayor Erin Stewart.

It takes many years to change a City that was ravaged by empty manufacturing buildings 40 years ago. It takes more than four years. Progress has been made and will continue if residents make the choice and re-elect Mayor Erin E. Stewart.

This article originally appeared in the New Britain City Journal.