Building A Better New Britain

✔ 188 new businesses – have been brought into the City in the last year alone

✔ Grew our commercial tax base grand list every year since 2014

✔ Unemployment rate dropped from 15.9% to 3.9% in last three years

✔ Focused on attracting good-paying 21st century job opportunities for residents, especially those who embrace green technology and solutions

Caring For Every Resident & Every Neighborhood

✔ Mayor Erin believes that government has a fundamental duty to give “a hand up” to people who need it

✔ Tackled homelessness head-on and created a system, to get people off the street and into housing

✔ Created NB Recovers to help those suffering from addiction find the path toward rehabilitation, recovery and a rewarding life

✔ Secured a $10 million grant for the Local Prevention Council to combat youth substance abuse and addiction

✔ Rewrote the City’s Development Plan & created The Complete Streets Roadmap with a City-wide focus bringing new opportunities to every neighborhood in New Britain, transforming New Britain block by block

Leading With Trust & Experience

✔ Has always led with protecting taxpayers first

✔ Brought New Britain back from the brink of bankruptcy while upgrading our credit rating to an A+

✔ Increased City funding to the Board of Education by an additional $5+ million over the past two years alone and successfully secured an additional $20+ million in state aid

✔ Almost $200 million invested in rebuilding Gaffney, Smalley, Chamberlain, and Holmes Schools

✔ Committed to working collaboratively to secure additional resources that will directly improve student experience and performance

✔ Restructured City government to focus on transparency, accountability, and professionalism