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Over the past eight years, we have worked together to bring our city back. We are setting a new standard for what people should expect from their local government – government that cares for all people, government that transcends traditional party politics, and most importantly, government focused on results.
Mayor Erin Stewart

Who is Erin?

About Mayor Erin E. Stewart

Mayor Erin E. Stewart is the 40th Mayor of the City of New Britain, Connecticut. She was first elected at the age of 26 in 2013 then was reelected four times since. Mayor Stewart is the youngest mayor in the City’s history and the only female mayor of New Britain to be elected to more than one term.

Mayor Erin In The News

Free Thanksgiving Day Feast returning to New Britain

New Britain Herald – November 23, 2022

“I’m thankful to the police department, in partnership with the Black Ministerial Alliance, for continuing this tradition of providing a Thanksgiving meal for those in our community who are in need and we are grateful for the many residents who donated to make this important event possible,” Mayor Erin Stewart said.

New Britain’s Stanley Quarter Park pond will be dredged with hopes of returning it to its iconic former state

New Britain Herald – November 22, 2022

“This beautiful pond is absolutely an iconic part of Stanley Quarter Park and so many of our residents have wonderful memories here. A lot of us know Dan and Arlene Palmer, they got married here, and their bench is still here,” Mayor Erin Stewart said.

New Britain breaks ground on new, $20 million Public Works Operation Facility

New Britain Herald – November 18, 2022

“Mark and I have been going back and forth for years on potential locations and we ended up on a great location and I think that’s important that we both understood that there was a dire need for this facility,” Mayor Erin Stewart said.

What You Need to Know If Your Home is Being Reassessed This Year

NBC CT – November 17, 2022

“We know our property values are going to shoot through the roof,” New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart said.

Old Plimpton & Hills building in New Britain will be renovated, turned into apartment complex

New Britain Herald – November 17, 2022

“When Alex came to us and said he was looking for properties in New Britain it was exciting to see a young developer who is from the New Haven area looking at New Britain,” Mayor Erin Stewart said.

State-funded $3 million upgrade to one of New Britain’s most-traveled roadways is on horizon

New Britain Herald – November 16, 2022

Among the largest commercial and light industrial centers in New Britain, John Downey Drive was selected by the state to receive roadway and pedestrian improvements, Mayor Erin Stewart told the Herald Wednesday.

New Britain residents approve new chief operating officer position

CT Insider – November 11, 2022

“I am thrilled that the residents of New Britain voted ‘yes’ for the proposed changes to the city charter,” Stewart said in a statement.

ERIN STEWART: Residents can expect new real estate property assessments

New Britain Herald – November 11, 2022

You may have heard rumblings around town about an upcoming property revaluation process, so I wanted to use this month’s column to clarify what this means and give you more information on what to expect.  

OP-ED | Bipartisan Transportation Choice

CT News Junkie – November 11, 2022

Can cities, towns, and states get beyond division and partisan sniping to come together around goals for improved road safety, all ages walkability, and economically successful communities? Let us look at New Britain, Connecticut and Republican Mayor Erin Stewart.

Referendum results: Voter questions bring big and small changes to towns

Hartford Courant – November 9, 2022

“I am thrilled that the residents of New Britain voted yes for the proposed changes to the city charter,” Mayor Erin E. Stewart said. “Together we can now ensure that New Britain’s transformation continues, and that the future remains bright for all who live, work, or visit this great city.”

Controversial CTfastrak busway spurs New Britain transit-oriented development boom

Hartford Business Journal – November 8, 2022

The local plans involved city officials not only retaining consultants and developers for the work, but gathering input from the main stakeholders — residents — to gauge what people of New Britain want to see in their city, Republican Mayor Erin Stewart said.

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