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Over the past seven years, we have worked together to bring our city back. We are setting a new standard for what people should expect from their local government – government that cares for all people, government that transcends traditional party politics, and most importantly, government focused on results.
Mayor Erin Stewart

Who is Erin?

About Mayor Erin E. Stewart

Mayor Erin Elizabeth Stewart is the 40th Mayor of the City of New Britain, Connecticut. She was first elected at the age of 26 in 2013, then was re-elected in 2015, 2017, and 2019. Mayor Stewart is the youngest mayor in the City’s history and the only female mayor of New Britain to be elected to more than one term."

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Smart Administration

Thoughtful Money Management
Mayor Erin Stewart closed a deficit of more than $30 million during her first term, increased the City’s Rainy Day fund to $18 million, and brought stability and responsibility back to the City’s finances.

COVID-19 Response

Fighting Coronavirus Head On
At the onset of the coronavirus global health pandemic in 2020, Mayor Erin Stewart took action and established a plan to combat the virus head on.

Smart City

Smart Energy
Mayor Erin Stewart launched an Energy and Innovation Committee (now known as the SMART City Committee) as a way to make New Britain a “SMART City."
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Mayor Stewart Presents 2020 State of the City

To all of those gathered here in our Council Chambers tonight: Welcome to City Hall and thank you for being with us. Hello to all of our citizens watching on Nutmeg TV and online at as well. Distinguished members of the Common Council, elected officials, department leaders, city employees, and most importantly, my fellow citizens – I come before…

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