Press Release: Second Quarter Fundraising Exceeds Goal

Mayor Erin Stewart 2nd Quarter Fundraising: Leads the Way

New Britain, CT – Mayor Erin Stewart announced today that her second quarter fundraising goal has been exceeded—bringing her campaign war chest to $42,335 with five months to go until the election.

Stewart posted $20,910 during the last several weeks.  The average donation was $121. Individual donors who are supporting the second term mayor are primarily from the City of New Britain.

“The heartwarming support from our residents and business owners is inspiring.  My team and I have worked hard to improve the quality of life in our city, to bring back the pride New Britain had been missing and to bring government to the people,” said Mayor Stewart.  “The fact that a majority of my donors call New Britain home is a testament to the commitment we have made to work for them and lead the way!”

Under Mayor Erin Stewart’s leadership, the City of New Britain turned a $30 million deficit into a stable rainy day fund.  The financial rating agencies from around the country have recognized Stewart’s financial prowess and awarded the City with a number of upgrades to its bond rating. This has put New Britain on the map as a success story among investors and as a shining example of a municipality on the rise in Connecticut.

Mayor Erin Stewart will be having a Happy Hour campaign fundraising event at Alvarium Brewery this Thursday, July 13 from 5 to 7:00 pm. All are Welcome! Please, also check out the campaign website for Meet & Greet events coming to a neighborhood near you.

Stewart has seven more fundraisers planned before the end of the next reporting period.