News: Local 1186 Endorses Mayor Stewart for Reelection

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 19, 2017

Contact:  David Huck



NEW BRITAIN—For the second time in two elections, AFSCME Local 1186—the largest union in New Britain, representing over 250 City employees—has voted to endorse the election campaign of Mayor Erin E. Stewart.

Stewart is the City’s incumbent Mayor and a registered Republican.

The membership of 1186 includes Public Works and Board of Education employees, clerical staff, and others.

“I am humbled once again to receive the endorsement by 1186 and all the City employees whom I interact with on a daily basis,” said Mayor Stewart. “I am extremely proud of the working relationship that I have built and maintained with the leaders and members of the union. These employees are on the front lines of working with the public and have done a tremendous job in moving New Britain forward.”

The Mayor continued, “The members of 1186, like other organized labor units in our City, have been good partners in bringing about structural changes that will lead to substantial savings over the life of the contracts. Municipalities have had to make difficult decisions during these lean fiscal times. My team and I have shown that we have that ability to work with our labor unions to ensure a strong future for our City. My team and I have negotiated in good faith and have mutual respect for our labor partners.”

Local 1186 President Darren Brown, an arborist in the Public Works Department, issued the following statement regarding the union’s endorsement of Mayor Stewart:

“Mayor Stewart has been a strong advocate for the vital services our members provide to the public. Maintaining a positive working relationship with the Stewart administration has allowed us to work together for the good of the city and its residents, and to negotiate a fair contract that makes sense for everybody in these challenging times. Mayor Stewart’s door is always open to our ideas and our concerns. We’re proud to endorse her for another term.”