best_0d490cf8aa3de888b3be_letter_to_the_editorNew Britain Can’t Wait For New Mayor

Letter to the editor
7:13 p.m. EDT, November 1, 2013

I appreciate The Courant’s praise of my “serious” and “energetic” campaign for mayor of New Britain [Oct. 28, editorial, “Mr. O’Brien For Second Term”]. But the editorial fails to mention the one word on which this election hinges. That word is taxes.

Taxes were hiked in New Britain. Nearly everyone who owns a car in New Britain saw a higher bill. I did, too. I’m running for mayor because I continue to see my friends leaving this city I love. Why are they leaving? High taxes.

As mayor, I will dig deep into the city’s finances and eliminate the wasteful spending and the patronage make-work jobs our current mayor has created. We will right-size city departments, make our buildings more energy-efficient, and become the most transparent city government in Connecticut. If we don’t change course, New Britain will meet Detroit’s fate.

I am flattered that The Courant says I could be a “star of the future,” but here’s the thing: New Britain taxpayers can’t wait any longer. We need change now. Our city needs straight answers, honest budgeting, and lots and lots of sunlight.

Erin Stewart, New Britain
The writer is a candidate for mayor of New Britain.

This letter originally appeared in the Hartford Courant.