Mayor Stewart Presents No Tax Increase Budget

New Britain Mayor Presents No Tax Increase Budget Proposal for 2017-18
April 12, 2017

NEW BRITAIN—Mayor Erin E. Stewart on Wednesday presented to the Common Council a $241.53 million budget proposal, entitled “Leading the Way,” that calls for no tax increase.

“I have to applaud the Board of Finance and Taxation and our Department heads for all their hard work over the last several months. Their zero-based budgeting approach allowed them to reduce spending as much as possible without cutting services. The City is already operating on a lean spending plan and this proposal maintains core services that our residents expect,” said Mayor Stewart. “This budget makes a strong commitment to continuing with our urban development projects, funds our labor obligations and our schools, funds an annual paving program, and seeks innovative ways to increase our revenue.”

The $241,537,535 million budget represents an increase of less than 1 percent over the current year budget. Due to Grand List growth, the tax rate will stay level at 50.50 mills.

Under the spending plan, 52.44 percent of the budget would go to the Board of Education.

Savings in the budget come from a school transportation reduction, a reduction in overtime costs, an estimated reduction in electricity costs, and employee healthcare cost savings. Savings were also budgeted for the reorganization of City Hall (which reduced the number of department heads) and through the restructuring of debt.

In addition to the Grand List, other new revenue stems from fee increases, an agreement with TaxServ to collect delinquent motor vehicle and property taxes, and an agreement with Tax Management Associates to audit personal property declarations.

“I feel confident about this budget despite the uncertain financial outlook at the state level,” said Mayor Stewart. “With this budget proposal, we are truly ‘Leading the Way’ in setting an example for other communities and for future budgets.”

The Common Council has scheduled a public hearing on the proposal for April 25 at 7 p.m. at Smalley Elementary School. The Council will meet to approve the budget on June 1, 2017. The Mayor’s budget presentation will be available to view at The public is also invited to view the Mayor’s budget address live on her Facebook page at