Readers: Stewart won the mayoral debatebest_0d490cf8aa3de888b3be_letter_to_the_editor

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 10:08 PM EDT

To the Editor,

“Stop the blame game and get the job done.”

That’s what Erin Stewart said during the Sept. 28 New Britain mayoral debate and she’s right.

New Britain voters — no matter whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Independents or Libertarians — need forward-thinking people like Erin who don’t look to the past for scapegoats.

Getting the job done is what we want! Erin Stewart gets it and drove that point home during the debate.

Robert Kusiak

New Britain

To the Editor:

Someone alert the Rock Cats management — Erin Stewart hit it out of the park during the recent mayoral debate when she pointed out the following:

Higher taxes drive families and businesses out of New Britain, yet our current mayor raised our taxes. Need proof of the tax hike? Erin produced her tax bill. She held the bill up for the crowd to see. She held it up for the mayor to see. The mayor put his head down.

It was a grand slam that the mayor had no answers for. Nice hit, Erin! Keep telling the truth and you will be our next mayor.

Molly Felth

New Britain

These letters were originally published in the New Britain Herald.