AFSCME Local 1186 Endorses Stewart


NEW BRITAIN – At their regular meeting on October 13, 2015, AFSCME Local 1186, the largest union in New Britain representing over 300 city employees, voted to endorse the reelection campaign of Mayor Erin E. Stewart.

“Our union represents employees who help make New Britain happen,” said Susan Egan, President of Local 1186. “We have endorsed Mayor Erin Stewart for reelection because she respects the work we do and recognizes that the services we provide will help New Britain to continue moving forward. We stand behind her efforts to make our city a better place to live and work.”

This marks the first time AFSCME Local 1186 has endorsed a Republican candidate for Mayor.

“I was so humbled and appreciative when I heard that 1186 had endorsed me for a second term,” said Mayor Stewart. “I am proud of the relationship my administration has forged with the leaders and members of organized labor in New Britain and I am keenly aware of the remarkable job they do on behalf of our citizens on a daily basis.”

The Mayor continued, “It has certainly been a difficult two years, overcoming deficits in excess of $30 million, and there were many tough decisions that had to be made in order to reduce costs and limit spending. But, to their credit, our employees came to the table and wanted to be a part of the solution and, together, we have begun to turn this City around. For a Republican administration to have this kind of relationship with labor is rare, but it shows that open communication, mutual respect, and a lot of good faith are much more important tools in governing than blind partisanship. I am thrilled to have their support.”

AFSCME Local 1186 President Sue Egan can be reached at (860) 402-7856.